FAQ About Aloe Vera

Can aloe vera interfere with regular medication?

There are certain conditions and associated treatments where people have to be careful .Those on anticoagulants such as Warfarin may find that the dose has to be altered, therefore they should have their INR(blood test) checked a few days after starting on aloe.
Aloe vera can lower blood sugar in diabetics and blood pressure in hypertensives, so they need to monitor themselves regularly after starting to take aloe vera in case their drug doses have to be altered.

Can people who have had an organ transplant take aloe vera?

I think they can, but only with the knowledge and agreement of their own doctor. These people take powerful immunosuppressant drugs so the immunomodulatory effect of aloe vera will be negated so they will only benefit from the nutritional aspect.

Can sufferers of coeliac disease take aloe vera?

This condition is a malabsorption syndrome due to gluten sensitivity .As there is no gluten in aloe vera gel and the fact that the gel improves absorption from the gut it is quite appropriate.

Can you take aloe vera gel when pregnant or breast feeding?

Yes you can. It can be taken when trying to conceive, at any time during the pregnancy and whilst breast feeding although it has been reported that women consuming large amounts whilst breast feeding can give their babies slightly runny nappies.

Can you take too much aloe vera gel?

For most adults, except the very elderly ,I recommend somewhere between 80-150mls per day but it is a matter for individual experiment .I don’t think taking any more will produce extra benefit but I don’t think that, perhaps apart from looser motions, there would be any ill effects. For information, children aged 12 and over take an adult amount, a 6 year old a half and a 3 year old a quarter etc. I do not recommend it for infants under 1 year.

Do you have to wait after taking your morning aloe before you have a cup of tea of coffee?

No provided your stomach is empty you do not .The gel will pass through the stomach into the small bowel very quickly and will not mix with the beverage swallowed afterwards .The fact that these drinks are hot will also have no effect and for them to do so they would be actually be too hot to swallow.

What is the difference between whole leaf aloe and filleted aloe?

There are several possible differences but the main one that affects efficacy is that whole leaf products are filtered and often reconstituted .The filtration process involves serially fine filters culminating in a carbon filter. This process is designed to remove unwanted material such as the rind but particularly the sap or aloin, at which it is very efficient .However, I wonder what else Is filtered out that we don’t even know is in the plant. Filleted aloe does not undergo this process and is therefore as near to the natural plant as is possible but unfortunately tends to be more expensive as it is more costly to ship.

Why is it not recommended that epileptics take aloe vera?

This is because there have been several cases of controlled epileptics suddenly having a fit after starting to consume aloe vera gel. Although this may be coincidence there have been enough to cause concern and I believe the risk is not worth taking because of the serious consequences of a fit.